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Our kennel is called SANCTUM Educated Elkhounds because we educate our dogs, we teach them how to get along with us, how to get along with people in general, and how to make their way in the world. We firmly believe a working dog is a happy dog, so all of our dogs "work for a living." Until recently, Bob was working as a search and rescue (SAR) dog. Bob has also finished his AKC championship and he is working as a service dog for Ed (he can detect by scent whether Ed's blood sugar is too low or too high) and he is learning to be a service dog for me. At a very young age (barely a year old), April finished her AKC championship. She has been trying to discover what we expect of her and what she can give us. June is about 3 months behind her, but she's also finished her championship now too! AND she's turning into a pretty good service dog for me as well!

Before you go on, check out Zöe and Gracie one spring day in the flowers. Which do you think are more beautiful, the flowers or the elkhounds? I know what I think.
Currently, our family currently includes my husband, me, a 9-year-old male Norwegian elkhound and two 5-year-old female elkhounds. Nine dogs (six elkies and three mixes) have passed away since our pack came into being in 1984. Besides Ed and myself, our pack includes Bob, who's currently nine years old. Bob was a very good search dog but Ed has retired from most of the search work now, so presently Bob's mostly just a service dog for both Ed (he sniffs to determine Ed's blood sugar level) and me (a mobility dog). Our pack also includes April, another little elkhound who's gotten a pretty good start at learning all the things she'll need to do to take care of me as a service dog, and to take care of Ed too! At just over a year old, she became an AKC champion just like Bob! And about 3 months after April came to live with us, Kathy had another litter at her house, so we found June there too. June is also doing pretty well getting used to the rules of the SANCTUM pack. She's finished her championship as well, so we now have three champions in our household. Click on any of the dogs' pictures below (either a current picture or a picture of one who has passed on) to find out more about that particular dog.

Well we're very sad here at SANCTUM Elkhounds since we've come to the end of an era. We've now lost Gracie, Zöe. and Daisy, along with all of our other Alpha babies and Bisbee too. Daisy was our last Alpha dog. Gracie was very unexpected and it hit us very hard, but we knew it was about Zöe's time. We were caught totally unaware when Daisy started showing symptoms of her cancer, which was about a week after Zöe died. She passed within a week of starting to give a sign (that's a loss of two lovely girls within 2 weeks). Goodbye girls. We love you all very much and we'll miss you greatly.
We're the two prettiest girls you'll find anywhere!
I'm Gracie, and I'm the best of the whole bunch!
Ch. Alpha's Say Goodnight Gracie, CD, TDI, TT, CGC, SAR, MT-3, ACE, VNE ("Gracie," February 8, 1993-December 5, 2006) Gracie was a wonderful Norwegian elkhound bitch who was nearly 14 years old when we lost her. She passed away from complications of cancer, the day after we returned from Orlando with her for the last time. She did more for her family and for her community than any other dog I can think of and we'll miss her forever. Click her picture to find out more about her.
Alpha's XX's and OO's, TDI, SAR, MT-3, MT-2 ("Zöe," February 6, 1996-October 19, 2011) Zöe was a lovely Norwegian elkhound bitch who was fifteen and a half years old when we had to have her put down. Click her picture to find out more about her.
I'm beautiful and I'm a good girl!
Vin-Melca's Hit the Mark, TT ("Bisbee," or "The Biz," May 22, 1996-January 15, 2008) The Biz was a gorgeous male Norwegian elkhound who passed away at the age of 11 after his kidneys failed him. Click his picture to find out more about him.
I'm Biz, and I'm royalty! Ask anybody!
And gone now, but NEVER forgotten:
I'm the first boy. It all started with me!
Pepper, CD, TDI, CGC (1979-1995) A "pound puppy" from the Jefferson County (Kentucky) SPCA, Pepper was our first dog of any kind. He was a male beagle/cocker spaniel mix. We lost him at the grand old age of 17. Click his picture to find out more about him.
I'm the first girl, and I'm the prettiest girl, no matter what anybody says!
Polly (February 17, 1984-May 3, 1998) Polly was a female German shepherd mix. We lost her to cancer in 1998 at the age of 14. Click her picture to find out more about her.
I'm Shady, and I started the elkhound craze here
I'm Sunny, and I'm an elkhound too, no matter what you hear!
U-CDX Alpha's Living Shadow, CDX, Can. CD, TDI, TT, CGC ("Shady," November 16, 1984-December 17, 1999) Shady was our first Norwegian elkhound. We lost her in December of 1999 at the age of 15 (and one month) to kidney problems and heart failure. Click her picture to find out more about her.
Time to Shine, CD, TDI, TT, CGC ("Sunny," Summer 1986-April 7, 2000) Sunny was a female German shepherd mix who thought she was an elkhound. We lost her in April of 2000 due to cancer. Click her picture to find out more about her.
I'm McGee, and I was employee of the month at the nursing home where I worked!
Alpha's T'aint Funny McGee, CD, TDI, TT, CGC ("McGee," October 5, 1986-May 10,  2002) McGee was a male Norwegian elkhound who was around 15.5 years old when we lost him in May of 2002 due to old age. His hips failed him completely, and he could no longer walk without falling over, even in his wheelchair. Click his picture to find out more about him.
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I'm beautifuler and I'm even gooder than Zoe is!
Ch. Elvbend's Too Hot to Hoot, SAR ("Bob," December 12, 2008) Bob is a 9-year-old male Norwegian elkhound. His kennel name is "Elvbend," but he has STRONG Alpha leanings (his Mom was an Alpha dog!). He was a search dog but he had to retire when his Dad's knee gave out. He's still a mobility dog for his Mom and also a diabetes-alert dog for his Dad. Click his picture to find out more about him.
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I'm the new guy! Hope to meet you some day!
Alpha's Heavenly Days, TDI, SAR ("Daisy," June 23, 2001-November 6, 2011) Daisy was a beautiful Norwegian elkhound bitch who was struck down by cancer at the very young age of 10. Click her picture to find out more about her.
I'm the next-to-last girl. I'm bigger and I'm trying to take Daisy's place. That's a BIG job!
Ch. Foxboro My Little Chickadee ("April," June 18, 2012) April is here, she's beautiful, and she's doing really well. She's Daisy's niece, and she has earned her AKC championship. Click her picture to find out more about her.
Ch. Foxboro Because of You ("June," October 5, 2012) June is here, and she's gorgeous! She's another Daisy niece, just a different Mom and Dad. June's an AKC champion too! (Did you notice that she shares her birthday with McGee?) Click her picture to find out more about her.
I'm the last girl (the prettiest too!)
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