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Welcome to Bob's page. He was born on December 12, 2008. We just had a few pictures of him in the beginning, but he's really a ham so he's posing like crazy for us. There are a few below here, and I'll try to get more up shortly. Pray for him, that he'll be able to learn all the things that we want him to do, like 1) search and rescue work, 2) obedience, and 3) service work for Ed and for me. Gracie is up there where he came from, Daisy was with us when he came here, and Zöe helped us raise him as a baby too, so we should be able to turn out another good one!

Here's a new job for him. Ed's decided that he needs to see whether Bob will be able to use scent to check Ed's blood sugar levels. Ed's a diabetic, so if we can find out how we can teach Bob to use scent to tell whether Ed's blood sugar is changing, that's another task he'll be able to perform for us. I think he'll be able to do it. Stay tuned!

Here he is in his Daddy's arms. Ain't he cute?
And here he is playing with one of his favorite toys, a little skunk!
He's absolutely adorable. Thank you, Amy and Jody! He's a good 'un! I hope we can give him as good a  home as you wanted for him. He's doing great by us so far!
Here are some more pictures of Bob. We think he's adorable, What do you think???
(And no, that stain in the carpet in front of Bob is NOT a Bob-stain! The water bucket was on the front of the crate to his left, and he spilled it...over and over, he spilled it. Yes, we eventually moved the water bucket! We're not stupid, just incredibly slow!)

Bob has been really busy these last few days. He's been to his first Search and Rescue training, he's been to a real search (he's not searching yet; he's too young!), and he's having a great time. Not bad for a little guy not yet 15 weeks old! Pretty cool, huh? And at his second S&R training, he went out on a boat twice and encountered divers! He's gonna be a great searcher!

Well, we've had a couple of more weeks to work with Bob, and he's making great progress. He is very good at finding his subject when we do puppy run-aways, and we do them about once a week so far. He's shaping up to be a marvelous searcher. Stay tuned to keep up with all the new developments!

Well, here's the first new development. He's making great progress in learning to scent for Ed's blood sugar levels. And he's doing so well at the puppy run-aways in his search work, he's doing a lot fewer of them, and a lot more regular searches. He's working on a three-day-old track, and he's finding his subject at the end. Yay, Bob! He's got a nose that won't quit! He's a good 'un! (Did I say "Thanks" to Amy and Jody yet? Well, "Thanks again!")

He's so good that he did his first scenting of Ed's blood sugar level the other day, and Ed didn't even know it! He put some Nu Skin on his hand for a couple of hurts that he had, and Bob went crazy, pawing at him. Ed just corrected him and went on to work. When he got to work, he realized that Acetone was the main ingredient in the Nu Skin. Bob was just alerting him! Yay, Bob! He got lots of praise when he came home, and he's getting more and more every day!

Well, Bob's getting older, and he's going on his first "over-the-road" trip to Ed's Mom's house in South Carolina. I'll tell you all about it when we get home. Wish him luck!

Well, we're back from the trip to South Carolina, and Bob did great! (All of our pups always do great when we take them anywhere, don't they? I guess we train them well before we take their first trip, huh? Either that, or they are ALL great dogs to start with! That might explain it. After all they all came from EXCELLENT breeders!)

Bob has gone many places with us so far, and he's turning into a fantastic traveling pup. He's a little excited when we first get in the car, but after he's in it for a while, he settles down and does pretty well. I guess he likes traveling, although I'm not sure I would if I were him. Until we can find and afford a new car, the girls get the back half of the cab, but poor Bob has to ride in the floor with my feet! But he's been really good so far. I hope it lasts. We're going to Tweetsie Railroad Park in August to see Riders in the Sky. I hope he enjoys that. I hope he loves my cowboys as much as I do! I'll tell you next month how he does!

Well, we just got back from Tweetsie, and our guys did GREAT! Bob went to all four Riders in the Sky shows, he was good and quiet for every show, he walked around the park with his Papa and he was nice to everybody and everybody was nice to him, he was a little nervous around the train engines while they were running and when they set off their whistles, but Ed made sure that he stayed there and found out that they would not hurt him, he loved the cabin where we stayed, and for the best part, he got along SUPER with all the Riders in the Sky! He's now Joey's best friend! Wahoo, a confirmed Polkaholic just like his mother! And Joey and Slim did callouts to him and to Daisy in all three shows they did after they met him! WAHOO! The guys were great, too. I'll have to put up some pictures we had made of him and we took of him, with Joey and with the whole group, and there's even a wanted poster of him! He dun good. Another good job for Bob. And he's off to do another good job this weekend with his Papa. He's going to a CSR training seminar this weekend with his Papa. I hope he does good! Keep your fingers crossed for him!

GOOD NEWS! Bob's been to his first show. He dun good except for one part, but I hope he'll learn. He was first in the puppy class (he was the only one there!). But he went into the winner's class where he competed against the winners of all the other classes, and he WON THAT ONE TOO! He was WINNER'S DOG! He got a whole point for doing that. But it gets even better! He competed against the girls too! And he WON AGAIN! Best of Winners! Wahoo! But it still gets better. He was BEST OF BREED too! He had a wonderful day at the dog show. Of course, this isn't as important as the tracking work and the service work and the detection work that he's been doing, That's all important stuff where he helps people too. But this was good work for the day, since he'd never been in a show ring before. But this time he went in the ring, and he did GOOD in the ring. He came away with THREE POINTS. It was a major! It was just a little major, only three points, but that's one of the two that he needs out of the way. Way to go, Bob. You done good! (Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the part where he didn't do so good. You know the last part, where the guy with the camera comes to take pictures of all the winners? Well, Bob didn't want to stand pretty. He was tired, and he wanted to play, so all we got was a picture of him SITTING next to Kathy. He wouldn't stand still. But he did show very nicely, and I'm very proud of my little guy! Well, I'm proud of my BIG guy. He's about 22" tall so far, and he's only 8 months old! Okay, Bob, you can stop growing any time now!)

MORE GOOD NEWS! Bob's on his way home from Minnesota, and he has good news for us! He passed both his beginner's man-trailing test AND his advanced one too! He's now he's active on the search team! That's what Ed's been working for since the little guy came home. Keep thinking about him and hoping for him to keep doing well. I'm very proud of him. And Amy and Jody should be very proud as well, as should Connie and Cozzy (lest you get confused, Cozzy is Bob's elkie Papa!)! Thanks, folks, for producing this beautiful, INTELLIGENT boy. He should have a great life with us, and you've all helped an awful lot!

Here's another bit of good news. We all (Ed, Daisy, Bob and I) went to see "White Christmas" (a local run of a Broadway show) this week, and Bob was VERY GOOD, for a young boy not yet a year old! Daisy just laid in the floor and watched the show, but Bob was a BIT more active! Not much, but he wanted to sit up so he could watch what was going on up on the stage. Daisy just laid there with her head down, but she was awake, watching it "on the QT." But Bob did very well. I'm pretty proud of my boy once again. We keep throwing things at him, and he keeps batting them out of the park. Yay, Bob!

And here's even MORE GOOD NEWS! Bob went with us to visit with Ed's folks last week, and he got to see everybody, including the two nephews, and he did very well with them. He even went for several walks on his leash with Hunter, and he was an angel. He didn't pull or drag Hunter on the leash. He was very good. One thing that we have to do some work on...Bob doesn't like to be left alone, so Ed's got to do some work with him to teach him that the world's not going to end when he leaves for a while. When I try to correct him, he ignores me. Completely. I don't exist as far as he's concerned. But other than the constant barking when Ed left the immediate area, Bob was very good. Keep pulling for him, and we'll get him straightened out!

GOOD NEWS again! Bob's been to another Broadway show. We went to see "Mary Poppins!" Okay, it was the company that travels around the country so everyone can see the show, but it was the Broadway cast, or at least a lot of them, anyway. He went with Ed, me, and Daisy, and he behaved wonderfully! The show was very good (although I was not crazy about the changes they made to the story, but I can see the need for them). Bob was wondertul through the entire show, and it was a long one, well over three hours. He was a little confused when Mary Poppins flew off the stage over his head, but he maintained just fine. Bravo, Bob! And he's currently in Orlando with Ed getting used to all the Disney things he's going to have to do when he goes with me. All reports so far have been resoundingly fantastic! Good job, Bob! You're doing a super job!

Well, Bob's had a really big week. He's been down at Disney World with Ed working on all the stuff he has to be able to do down there to work as my service dog. Ed's been calling every day with reports on how he's doing, and they are all pretty good! He said that evidently he's about to run out of steam, since it's been so hot all week long. He has to wear a cool-down vest the whole time he's outside, but he's been very good about accepting it. I think he's doing a wonderful job for a boy who's just barely a year old. Yay, Bob! They're coming home in a couple of days, and I can't wait! Pray for them that they'll make it all the way home okay!
And now Bob has some GOOD NEWS again! He went to the Memorial Day Cluster of shows in southeastern Ohio yesterday, and he won the Cincinnati Kennel Club show! Only one point, but that's one more that he doesn't need anymore! Of course, the dog he beat had beaten him the day before, but that's okay. He was Best of Winners and Best of Breed too! (And yes, there were some girls there too!) Thanks Kathleen for showing him. And thanks for staying long enough to get a picture. I know Bob takes a little longer to have his picture taken. Thank you for humoring me and keeping with it until he stood still! One more point down, and only 11 left to go!

MORE GOOD NEWS! Well, we just got home from the NASDN seminar this year, and Bob is only THREE points away from his championship! He went to the Louisville Kennel Club cluster for a weekend while we were at the seminar, and he won two more majors! Wahoo! He's now sitting on THREE majors! Way to go, Bob!!! I'll try to put up a photo when he finishes, which should be fairly soon if we can coordinate with Norma to get him to the shows!
Well, Bob's been working on this for a LONG TIME, and he's finished finally. BOB'S A CHAMPION!!!  Wahoo! Bob went to Michigan with his Dad and with his handler, Norma, and he's now a champion! He done good. Thank you to Norma Smith, handler extraordinaire, and to Kathy Hamilton who got him started with his first five points! Thank both of you ladies for your excellent handling of my wonderful boy. He's now free to be my service dog and to do all the search work Ed can come up with for him. I think he'll be a lot happier now! Here's how he looked the day he finished:

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Well, Bob's becoming a world traveler now. He's been to the western side of the US anyway. He's now a devotee of DISNEYLAND as well as Disney World, see?
He stopped in Arizona on the way to Disneyland too!
Bob is beginning to make himself useful as our nurse-dog. The other evening, Ed was trying to sleep and Bob would NOT leave him alone. He started licking Ed's face around his mouth. He kept coming back to Ed everytime Ed corrected him and told him to go away. (It was LATE, and Ed wanted to sleep, not play with the dogs!) Suddenly, Ed remembered that Bob is also his service dog, who alerts to him when his breath changes because his blood sugar is too low. He got up and checked his blood sugar immediately (well, as soon as he figured out what was happening) and it was VERY HIGH! Bob even performs his job when he's supposed to be sleeping! GOOD BOY BOB! Keep up the good work!

Well, Bob's working at getting the collection of states he's visited even higher. He's already got the list up to 28 as of today, but he's going to Alabama in about a month, so he'll be up to 29 by the end of the year! He's quite the traveler.
Here you see Bob's favorite way to spend a little time at WDW. Bob was quite enamored with the fairies, and they seemed taken with him as well!
Always open to new opportunities, Bob became an equal opportunity schmoozer during this trip. He found out he loves fairies AND princesses. Here Bob gets to know Cinderella a little better.