Alpha's T'aint Funny McGee, CD, TDI, TT, CGC
  (October 5, 1986-May 10, 2002)
This is Alpha's T'aint Funny McGee, CD, TDI, TT, CGC ("McGee"). McGee might look very serious in this picture,but he was a fun-loving fella who loved playing practical jokes on his packmates. He particularly liked to run barking to the front door so all the other dogs would follow and bark too. Then he'd quietly go back to the living room and pick out a place to lay down wherever he wanted. He retired from active work as a therapy dog, but not until gaining the singular distinction of having been chosen "Volunteer of the Month" at the Meadowbrook nursing home where he worked. He was a good buddy and a willing worker his entire life, acting more like a golden retriever in an elkhound suit than the typical Norwegian elkhound. He was sweet and loving, anxious to please, and an all-around nice guy! We're going to miss him very deeply.
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